The conditions for publishing the publicity

To be able to advertise on MALIX3DESIGN, your product needs to meet the following requirements:

1. Advertising, must be in close contact with 3D Printing, and all its peripheral examples
(provided it has no competition with MALIX3DESIGN)

2. Banner. Size - (335p x 254p or 335p x 335p) in JPG or PNG format
The person or company who wants to post advertising, needs a Banner with the indicated sizes.
In case the advertiser does not have a Banner, MALIX3DESIGN can design the banner design for a supplementary fee
Simple - 15 euro.
Average - 25 euro.
Complicated - (discussed in private).

3.  Link. The link must be direct to the advertiser
         This can be: website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc ...

- The destination of the link must necessarily meet the condition of "1"
- The link destination must be official so as not to cause damage to potential customers

Each month, MALIX3DESIGN has over 250 000 visitors from different points of the world who have interests in 3D Printing. MALIX3DESIGN, Very much appreciates its clients and interacts with them through various social sources, so the person or company wishing to advertise must have the same intentions

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