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The subscription on the site is made directly through PAYPAL, therefore on the site, do not enter any information with personal data. This is done to secure your personal data.



The direct subscription on the site offers some advantages that the PATREON platform does not offer  !!!

1. The subscription on the site exempts you from VAT   ( VAT Free !!! )

(no need to pay 10% - 20% extra)

2. You pay only once, for a period of 6 months

(no need to make any transfers during 6 months)

3. The subscriber receives direct access to the 6-month bonus


Subscription offer for a period of  6 months !!!
50% discount
for all models on MALIX3DESIGN, which are not or were not included in the subscription
The projects that are included in the subscription, the subscriber receives them for FREE


Bonus information can be found here -

After the subscriber completes the 6-month cycle, the subscription begins another 6-month cycle, if it has not been stopped. Starting with the 2nd cycle, there will be another transfer of 60 EUR

In order for the subscriber to receive access to the 12-month bonus, the subscription must meet in the amount of 12 uninterrupted months ( 365 days ).

Important !!!

The subscriber subscribed for 6 months

But, the next month you unsubscribe (for example), the subscriber loses access to the bonus, automatically.

The subscriber keeps his access for the monthly models, for the whole period for which he paid, but not access to the bonus

After 12 months, the subscriber receives access to the 12-month bonus


Free access to all projects on the site!


Bonus information can be found here -

example: the beginning of the subscription was made in April, so 12 uninterrupted months, it will be in March, next year

If the subscriber unsubscribes before the deadline (eg 4 months), he keeps his personal access code until the end of the subscription term.

The subscriber will be able to download for free, all the projects that will be included in the subscription, during this period.

Here, you can get acquainted with more information, which you may need -

After the subscriber subscribes, he will receive a personal letter on the e-mail with which he subscribed

In the letter, your access code (the subscriber's personal code) and all the necessary information are implemented, in order to be able to download files for free from the site.

If you have additional questions: