Limited offer

Holders of SANIX GOLD Gift Card

are placed in the category VIP


What the VIP category offers :

1. Customers with SANIX GOLD - receive a 35% discount Until December 31, 2020 from the moment they will apply the code from GIFT CARD )

2. Any model presented on the site, and those that will be published in the future, VIP Customers will have a 35% discount

4.VIP customers do not need personal discount codes


How to get a SANIX GOLD Gift Card :

1 . Buy a SANIX GOLD Gift Card

2 . You receive by e-mail, a unique code ( this code has the value of the amount you paid )

3 . Gather in the shopping cart, models on the website for this amount (50 Euro- gift card amount) or more.

4 . Apply the code from the SANIX GOLD Gift Card

5 . Buy Now (if the amount is equal to the gift card amount, then you will not pay anything, if the amount is higher, then you will only pay the difference)

6 . You receive the files by e-mail

7 . Within 24 hours , after applying the code  (the customer data is imported, in the VIP category), you become a member of the VIP category

8. The VIP customer , before making the purchase, and to benefit from the 35% discount, needs to Sign in ( Login - the e-mail address, it must be the one you applied for SANIX GOLD Gift Card ), so your personal e-mail


The rules for receiving the SANIX GOLD Gift Card

1. It is strictly forbidden to apply VPN or other such resources ( if the system detects this violation, you risk being blocked ) and the money will not be returned

2. File spreading is strictly forbidden! If this is detected, you will automatically be blocked, and the money back will not occur


As a result, cardholders will benefit from:
35% - Until December 31, 2020
and they will be updated with the first news and implementations on 


Get a SANIX GOLD Gift Card here: