1.  The subscription is made until the 27th (every month) including the date of 27 . After the 27th, new subscribers will have access only to the Welcome Package. And starting with the 1st, from the next month, the new subscribers will have access to 2 new models, which will be included in the subscription for the next month. Subscribers who have subscribed from the 27th to the 1st (next month) cannot download the current month's models.

Here you see what goes into the subscription, if you subscribe now:

2.  In order to benefit from the subscription bonuses, the subscriber must be a subscriber for at least one month.
If the subscriber subscribes, in order to obtain the code, after which he unsubscribes, then MALIX3DESIGN, blocks this subscriber forever, and the personal code of the subscriber is deleted

3. People who unsubscribe , cannot subscribe again (next 3 months) after unsubscribing

4.  The personal code is linked to the e-mail from PAYPAL, therefore, when you enter the e-mail on the site, it must be identical to the one from PAYPAL. Otherwise, you risk blocking your personal code

5.  If the subscriber wants to unsubscribe, it is recommended to do so, in the last days of the month, in order to benefit from the models that are included in the monthly package. Because from the moment of unsubscribing, the code will no longer work
The subscriber code is deleted, and cannot be restored.
The money cannot be returned to the subscriber's account, in case the subscriber has made at least one download in the month he has already paid

6. The subscription system was applied to support current and future projects on MALIX3DESIGN, for which customers (subscribers) receive a series of benefits.
People who subscribe, on a short-term basis, in order to obtain the benefits of the subscription (for example 2 monthly models that enter the subscription), then unsubscribe, are automatically blocked on MALIX3DESIGN, without the right to subscribe in the future.
If you do not want to be a subscriber, and to support the present and future projects, you can buy them directly from the site, the models you want