PROCESSING MODE - How to buy STL Files , Step by Step on MALIX3DESIGN

 it is applied only to the models that after the first image, the text "PROCESSING MODE" is indicated

In order to continue enjoying the future projects of MALIX3DESIGN, it is now available to buy models in a more secure method, both for buyers and for MALIX3DESIGN

Step by Step how to buy STL Files


If you have chosen the model, which, the text PROCESSING MODE is indicated
press the  BUY NOW  button 
(the window with the BUY NOW button is located after the second image of the model)

In the following window, enter and verify the information:

1. Quantity of models (apply 1)

2. Promo Coupon (if you have one, apply)

3. Enter your e-mail (on this address, you will receive the files)

4. Press the PAYPAL (Checkout) button

After you press the PAYPAL button, the official website will open

1. Check the correctness of the PAYPAL site (for safety)

2. Enter your login and password

3. Log In

Choose the payment method, PAYPAL or DEBIT / CREDIT CARD

1. Check the amount you have to pay

2. Continue

In the next window, you need to fill in the free windows, then click " Continue "

For the Shipping Method, just press the " Continue " button

For Payment Information, press the " PAY " button

After you have clicked on the " PAY " button, in the next window, your data, which you have entered, and the confirmation of the transaction will appear.

Immediately after you receive this confirmation, in your e-mail, 2 letters will be sent

1. Letter from PAYPAL (payment confirmation)

2. Letter from MALIX3DESIGN (confirmation of the transaction)

1. Letter from PAYPAL (payment confirmation)

2. Letter from MALIX3DESIGN (confirmation of the transaction)

Red arrows indicate the link to your account on MALIX3DESIGN . By accessing one of these links, you will be able to track the processing of the data you have indicated

After the buyer makes the purchase, the system of receiving the payment begins the processing of the transaction. In processing the transaction, it is checked whether the purchase was made from a physical IP, and not from an IP presented by the VPN or browsers that offer these IPs.
The buyer receives the purchased files, From 12 hours, up to 24 hoursafter the transaction is completed. The purchased files, the buyer, will receive them by e-mail, the one that indicated it when making the purchase

1. If the data processing has been successful, the buyer receives the files by e-mail.

2. If the processing has detected a fake IP, then the buyer receives the money back on his account.

PROCESSING MODE - does not affect the buyers, who do not apply the resources for generating IP addresses

The models, which were purchased from MALIX3DESIGN, need to be downloaded to your own memory disks. MALIX3DESIGN, is not responsible for the loss of files on your part, or your personal negligence. Each buyer has 48 hours to download the files (from the moment he received a letter with the links to download the files).
MALIX3DESIGN is not obliged to return the files you have lost, whatever the reason may be.
The informational space (where the project is, which you bought) from MALIX3DESIGN, is automatically released after 48 hours, because of this, the buyer is obliged to download the purchased files, otherwise he will lose access to the files

People who have applied a fake IP will be blocked in the future for MALIX3DESIGN

The PROCESSING MODE was implemented to filter suspicious and unwanted people on MALIX3DESIGN

With Respect