This system works in the following way:

- To benefit from a low price model model, you need to buy it under PRE-ORDER

- PRE-ORDER time is indicated below the text "PRE-ORDER"  (this time may vary, up to a maximum of one week)

Example timer that you will find:

The buying process, you do it in a normal way, as before. More details hereStep by Step instructions

-In PRE-ORDER mode, you will receive a letter at the email address you indicated, just that instead of the File Archive, you will receive a confirmation letter that the transaction was successfully done.

-After the preorder is over, you will receive your emailed link, the download link to the model. You get the model in full.

Attention !!!  Those who do the preorder purchase will benefit from the low price. After the end of this regime, the model will be published on the site with the standard price (dependence on the model) The standard price is 16.90 euro

MALIX3DESIGN, has the right, to refuse the sale of projects, to suspicious persons

Regards , SANIX