How to buy STL Files, Step by Step instructions


How to buy the model from


    1. After you enter the site , only the site logo first appears on the page, after a few seconds the content of the site appears (the rest of the seconds is motivated by the high resolution 3D images Models to see the model very well by the customer).
    2. Choose the model you want, and click on it (on the image or model name)

     3. After accessing the model, opens the selected model page, where are the images and videos (video not all models) that represent the model. Here are various images with the selected model, which allows you to analyze the model well before you buy it. On all models, after the first image, the text "Buy STL Files Here"


    4. Once the selected model page has been opened, under "Buy STL Files Here" , in seconds, a window will appear, where you can click the "Buy Now"

   This window appears for a few seconds, because on the site there are a large number of high-resolution images, this causes the site to be delayed.



   These windows where you can buy the models are additionally placed on the right side of the website (for PC and Tablets)

      5. After you have clicked the "Buy Now" button, the following window will be skipped:

    6. In this window is shown the  3D Model for 3D Printing  that was selected by you (located at the top of the window) at the bottom of the window, you can also choose other favorite models directly from

  Go to the ,, Checkout ,,

    7. After you have accessed the ,, Checkout ,, button, the following window opens, where you will need to indicate your E-mail (required). A letter will be sent to your e-mail address, where a link will be placed to download the purchased file.
    In this window it is recommended to create a password (not required), and the type of payment "PayPal" (to pay with the bank card, the description is shown below).



    After you have indicated your e-mail, go to the "Continue"

    8. After clicking on the "Continue" button, the PayPal official website will open (where PayPal login and PayPal passwords or bank card information and personal data are secured to the highest level by PayPal, no one has access to this information, other than the customer).

    9. After you have made a transfer of money, in a few minutes you will receive a letter to the e-mail address indicated above. You will receive the letter in the official language of the region where you are (this will allow you to get a better acquaintance with the letter). In the letter is attached a link, on which you can download the model
   Example letter:  

    Below is the link in the letter

 Click on it  , and download the model!!!
The link in the letter for downloading the model is valid 48 hours after purchasing the model.