Answer to the most frequent customer questions


  1.  Models that are in the Monthy Package can be downloaded until the last day of the month - plus, 6 days from the next month. Next month, they are excluded from your code. Therefore, download the models on time (during all days of the current month , + 6 days)

  2.  The personal code, the subscriber receives it by e-mail, within 12 to 24 hours, after the subscription

  3.  If the subscriber has any questions, write to

In the letter indicate the your personal subscriber code on MALIX3DESIGN

This helps to identify the subscriber faster

  4. If you download the model with the personal subscriber code, please write the same e-mail with which you subscribed. Otherwise, you risk having your code blocked

5. How do we know when the model is posted on the site? 🤔🤔🤔

Check here -

6. Why doesn't my code work ??? 😧😧😧

There are 3 reasons:

a ) . You have individually unsubscribed from MALIX3DESIGN

b ) . Your monthly payment has not been transferred, and your code has been suspended

c ) . You have been blocked on MALIX3DESIGNfor violating the subscription RULES point 3 and 6

this often happens when the subscriber does not have money in the account. It is highly recommended to avoid these cases, because after 2 unsuccessful transactions, you will be block on MALIX3DESIGN

Check your PAYPAL transaction to MALIX3DESIGN, for the current month, if the transfer has been made

If you have completed the transaction, after the code has been suspended, write to the e-mail address below to reactivate the code. In the letter, indicate your personal code

If you have additional questions that are not related to the above points, in this case write to us