Sinister Six / Spider-Man Diorama / STL Files

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!!! Important information !!!

The model is adapted for 3D Printers SLA / DLP
The base of the model can be printed with SLA / DLP / FDM printers

(The model can also be printed with FDM printers! The model is adapted for SLA / DLP, but this does not bother printing with FDM printers. To print with FDM printers, you will need to change the size of the model, now it is 1:16, for FDM it needs a minimum of 1: 8 or greater. For FDM, you will need to cut your model, because the bodies of the characters will be solid. Cut only if needed. 

Original scale - 1:16 (the model can be resized to your liking)
The maximum print size can be scale 1: 2 (for this scale, the model will keep all the details)

Please do not apply VPN, otherwise your transaction will be rejected, and you will not be able to benefit from this project.

Buy STL Files here